I have now had a couple of days to reflect on the weekends race and thought I’d share my thoughts.

Photo: © www.jorgenebbesen.com

The last few days of training leading up to Sunday went well but as usual once the tapering begin things don’t go so well!

Due to the withdrawal of my fellow National Team member Martin Jensen from the race, I received all the Danish media attention. But even with the extra attention and expectations I still managed to keep my feet well planted on the ground.

It was a bit daunting but nice to being interviewed on stage at the pasta party in front of my fellow competitors.

I tried to keep the 2 days before the race fairly standard, easy training, a lot of relaxing and eating, and mentally preparing for an amazing race on Sunday.

Surprisingly I actually had quite a good sleep the night before which rarely happens so when I woke on Sunday I felt fresh and as relaxed as I possibly could be.

The crew from Challenge had organised a shuttle from the hotel at 5am which was great. It meant we didn’t have to worry with our own transport to the race and got to swim start nice and early with lots of time to prepare.

I had a good start in the swim and got away without any issues. At the first buoy I was in 5th position and shortly after I passed Tim Berkel who wasn’t able to stay on my feet. After around 1km I was passed by female professional Jodie Swallow. I tried to stay with her but wasn’t able too. So the rest of the swim I was alone but was feeling good, I had a great rhythm. Since changing to Blueseventy this season, my swim has improved significantly and feeling much more conformable throughout. More >