After Challenge Copenhagen in mid August I was, like everyone is after an ironman, a bit tired and needed a few days rest. But within a week I was back in training and feeling pretty good. This didn’t last long and one morning open water swim session, I jumped off the platoon into the water and my back completely locked. I was unable to straighten my back and was in a lot of pain. Within 2 hours I was at Team Denmark HQ getting treatment but was still unable to walk normally and was on pain killers for 5 days. I was unable to train at all which is never nice to have to take a break because of injury.

Magic Tape

The plan has been to do Challenge Walchsee in Austria at the start of September as I was heading to Germany to check out Eurobike and there was only 200km between. Still unable to run without pain the Monday before, I knew I was unable to race and had to withdraw; I didn’t want to risk further serious injury. So instead Aimee and I headed to Germany to go to Eurobike. It was slightly overwhelming with some much to look at but was good to talk with some potential bike sponsors for next year, and also see my current sponsors.

After a couple of very long days walking Eurobike we returned to Denmark and I was able to receive some more treatment, but the forced break has not helped my running form! Returning back to full training 2 weeks ago I was a little rusty! More >