Where it all began…

I grew up in a little town, Ølgod in Denmark and it wasn’t exactly planned that I should end as a full time triathlete

My sport career started with football right until the coach thought we should be more serious. I then stopped because I was only there to have fun.

Around 1994 some friends and I from Ølgod began doing triathlons for fun and fitness. I quickly fell for the sport. There are a few reasons why I love this sport. I guess the main reason that it is not just one sport but three. That mean it is rarely boring and also challenging. If you get injured, you can still train one of the other disciplines.

In the beginning it was mostly for fun as I had to finish my education as a blacksmith, which took 4 years and was completed in 1999.

In late 2000 I did my compulsory national service, which ended up being somewhat longer than planned. After my service was completed, I chose to be sent out as a NATO soldier in Bosnia. This experience opened my eyes to how fortunate people in Denmark are and make me really appreciate my life at home.

Spring of 2003, after several dispatches, I decided to move to Copenhagen to try something new.

It was there that triathlon started to become a big part of my daily life. After a 9th place in the European Long Distance Championships in 2003, I was selected for the national team, which I have represented since.

In 2004 I was out all year with Glandular Fever (mononucleoses), a virus that makes you feel tired all the time which made it impossible to do any training or competing.

In 2005 I proved that I was back after I won silver in the European Long Distance Championship. This result helped me decide long distance was the event for me and the following year I competed in my first Ironman event in Western Australia which I got 3rd.

From there I knew I needed to see just how far I could go within the sport. I quit my job to make triathlon my full time commitment and turned pro in 2008.

Since then I have been travelling between Europe and Australia following the sun and triathlons.
Triathlon is much more than just a sport – it’s a lifestyle!

You are constantly pushing yourself towards bigger achievements, while still keeping yourself fit and healthy. At the same time you meet a lot of new people from all around the world.