Race Preparation

From a cool day in UK back in 2007

Some Speed work

Over the next 3 weekends I will do some races, so I can get my body up in gear again.


From a cool day in UK back in 2007

The first two races is on Sprint distance and to top it off they are both draft legal :-) which means I will have 1 hour in red zone but will hopeful get some benefit later on in the season.


So on Sunday I’m racing the last race in the Gatorade Series in St. Kilda (750-20-5), where some of the young Australian ITU guys will be racing.


St. Kilda starting list


The weekend after it is the last race in Xosize Series there is in Brighton on same distance and rules.


The last race which is also my last weekend in OZ, will be Triman in Torquay, which is a ½ IM so when I come back to Europe I will be back in top gear.