New Skinfit race suit & Blueseventy Wetsuit on

The day started out very well, with only a 200m walk from my hotel room to transition. My morning routine went as planned and unlike a lot of my races, I was warmed up and in my wetsuit with plenty of time before race start!
I positioned myself as far right in the group and had a good swim start, getting to the buoy without any fight at all and just behind the first group.

I ended up in the second group and continued to feel group throughout the whole swim. I came out of the water in 6th position around 2minutes behind Rasmus Henning and Martin Jensen who are strong swimmers.
There was a 500 metre run to transition and after a pretty quick T1 I was out on the bike feeling good. I didn’t go too hard at the start as I knew there was some nasty hills coming up.
When I hit the first hill after 22km, I was struggling a bit to stay with the group and after 27km there was a sound coming from my back tire I did not… Puncture.

I was struggling to get my spare on and lost a lot of valuable time. A lot of people seemed to be passing me.

Back on the bike but after that I was taking it very carefully on the downhill sections as I was scared there wasn’t enough glue on the spare tire and it may come off when turning.

I was still able to hold a steady pace the rest of the way but unfortunately was not able to catch many.

Compressport on & ready to go!

The first part of the run course was on gravel which made it hard to run fast

Even though I knew I was a long way out of the Top 10 I tried to have a solid run. After the last turn around point, 13km mark, I saw I was only 2min behind the guy in front and decided to try and run him down.

I passed him a few kilometres later and was feeling good, until 18km in where I running low on energy, however the last 2km was mostly downhill and I knew I couldn’t catch anyone else in front and I had a big enough gap behind me.

In the end I crossed the finish line in 17th place.

Wrap Up:

This was first race using my new Blueseventy Helix wetsuit and I can very certainly feel the difference. I feel much better in the water and I’m sure the further into the season I go the better it will get.

It was disappointing to have a puncture because I was feeling good on the bike and it definitely ruined any chance of a good result for me today.
While I did have a good run, I think I need to do some more speed work to improve my run over 21km.

In the end I am pretty happy with the result. I have a long season and at this stage of the year I dont want to be in peak fitness so I’m feeling things are very much on track for my season goals and my fitness is, at this point where it should be.

Still have a week left on Fuerteventura training and enjoying the good weather before heading back to Denmark to prepare for my next few races.

Photo by Felix Walchshoefer