I have been back in Denmark for a few days now and have had the time to think about my race at the ITU world champs. The race was on Sunday 1st August and held in Immenstadt in Germany.

Leading up to race day we had a chance to go for a training ride on the bike course. We knew before we got there that the bike course was very hilly and after the ride on Wednesday, it was confirmed that to win the world champs you would need to have a very good day on the bike.

The last days before the race, I concentrated on getting as much energy into my body and enjoy being able to breathe easier, compared to the previous three weeks spent at Font Romeu.

The night before I barely slept. Earlier in the evening we got told that we had to drive back to Denmark straight after the race which I was not looking forward to. The idea of driving 14 hours after a long hard race was very risky and I considered not starting the race. I decided to start the race and give it my best and try not to think or stress about what I had to do after the race.

My swimming was a little bit under my best, but I was in the second group and tried to stay with the group to save some energy.

I came out of the water 5 minutes behind the front group and through T1 stayed with the group I was with in the water to begin the bike course. I was 27th out of the water and was aiming to make up ground on the bike.

The bike course was 2 laps with the first being 86km and second 45km, but we got the steep hills on both laps. I tried not to go too hard on the bike as you then pay the price on the run. I stayed in a small group for the first lap and on the second lap my team mate Esben Hovgaard and I got away from the group in the end of the hilly section of the course.

Through the course I made up ground and was in top 10 when I hit T2.

The run course was 3 loops of 10km which made it easier to see where you were positioned.

Slowly but steadily I began to the close gap. By halfway I was feeling strong and started to pass others in front. With 8km to go I was in 6th position with two of my team mates hot on my heels. I was thinking it could come down to a sprint finish between the Danes.

I kept my speed up and gained more time on those behind me so in the end I could enjoy the last 300m through the stadium to the finish line.

Finishing in 6th is my best result at World Championships, so I was very pleased. I am feeling really strong with my running right now which gives me a lot of confidence going into Challenge Copenhagen in under 2 weeks time.

Esben Hovgaard, Rasmus Stubager and I did win the team silver medal bhind France and in front of Sweden.

After the award ceremony, we began the 1200km drive back to Denmark. As Martin Jensen DNF he took the honour of driving most of the way which was a big relief for many of us as we were all very tired. Arrived safely back in Denmark in one piece but much in need of a good night sleep and begin my recovery and preparation for Challenge Copenhagen on August 15th