This weekend I was meant to be lining up at the ITU Long Distance World Championships in Las Vegas, where I would hopefully gain enough points to take out the ITU LD WC Series for the 4th year in a row. Even though I am a quiet person by nature sometimes in life you must make a stand to stay true to yourself. This is one of those times.

I have made the decision, after 8 years, to leave the Danish National Team effective immediately.

A number of factors have contributed to this decision but recent events have made this decision easier.

I have been unhappy for some time with the system. Team Denmark and the Danish Triathlon Federation are so focussed on Olympic distance triathletes that it feels, for us long course athletes, no matter the results we achieve it goes unnoticed. For many years, Denmark has produced a number of fine long distance triathletes who have taken out ITU World Team medals and ETU team and individual medals almost every year. But it does not feel like these successes are recognised or seem to count for much.

The funding that the Federation receives from Team Denmark is solely replied upon the Olympic results in London, so it seems a pointless exercise for long distance athletes to be affiliated with the Federation or Team Denmark.

I have grown to feel that many athletes on the National Team take no pride in finishing races any more, and DNF’ing has become too easy an option. It becomes frustrating to see athletes being sent off to race with the intention not to finish. This is the opposite to my core racing beliefs

People that know me, know that I split my time between Europe and Australia and have done so for the last 3 years, but too often it seems to be a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’ – being forgotten and excluded because I am not in Denmark training with the National Team all year round.

The Elite Centre is the training HQ for the National Team. For years, those athletes that can train there do so to help push each other and strive as a team to achieve good results. Over the last couple of years there seems to be a clear lack of team spirit and individual athletes working toward their own goals without this ‘Team’ environment.

It was leading into this year that I began to think about my position in the National Team. For 2011 Team Denmark and the Federation decided to expand the National Team and it seemed the results required to be selected had been lowered. For me, this took a lot of the pride away from having been selected to represent my country.

For athletes like myself who come from parts of Denmark a long way from the Elite Training Centre, we have been allowed to stay there in order to train with the National Team and our Coach on a daily basis. Recently it was decided that partners were not allowed to live here with us and as Aimee travels with me full time I was left with no alternative.

This was my boiling point and brought out all the frustrations I have had over the last couple of years. I was essentially being told I could live there and train with the team and my coach but not with Aimee. What was I meant to do; Was I meant to pack her bags and send her back to Australia?

Due to the timing of this decision and being that I spend the European winters in OZ, it was not an option to rent an apartment with the short time left in Denmark. I was left with no alternative but to pack us up and move back to my parents who live in a small town in western Denmark, 350km from the Elite Centre near Copenhagen.

So then the thoughts moved to Why should I do the ITU Worlds? I had had every intention to do this race which is mandatory for me as a member of the National Team. But feeling completely let down personally and professionally, the desire to do this race was gone.

I knew there would be consequences from not competing in this race, but after weeks of thinking, I came to the decision I needed to make a stand. I had lost all interest to do this race and was not going to be bullied in to it. I had also reached the point I no longer wanted to be apart of the National Team so the decision was made.

This is my career and my life and I want to proud of the decisions I have made.

Additional to parting ways with the National Team, I have also decided to walk away from my long standing coach Michael Kruger. Although Michael has been a great support to me over the last 7 years, I feel at this time, it is the right move to start fresh with a new team.

Watch this space for the announcement of my new coach!