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Welcome To Team Johnsen Champion System!

CS Blog Small 2

Really excited to announce I will be rocking an awesome custom Champion System Race Kit on Saturday at Kona.

I will be wearing the CS Apex Blade one piece which the superstar team at Champion System custom designed for me in under two weeks. We had lots of fun playing with the Design Lab platform online to get the kit design just right.

My kits arrived late last week and went for a test run over the weekend and it feels incredible.

It’s light but really high quality. And the fit is awesome, it’s totally glued to my body but so comfortable. I can’t wait to get out in the CS Blog Smallenergy lab in it.

A huge thanks has to go to Charlie & Roni for supporting me and making this whole process incredibly smooth.

If anyone wants a custom kit, check out Champion System and get designing. They do CS Express which is a 2 week service so no reason not to get a custom kit for your next race!


Changes, New Beginnings, KONA!


There is less than one week to the big dance here on Hawaii and I have already been here two weeks, but over the last few days it has started to get really busy, with much more traffic & athletes everywhere! It will only get worse over the next week so I better start getting in the zone, so I do not end up talking & standing on my feet all day :-)

I just wanted to give you a small update on what has been happening since Ironman Melbourne, which was my last major race and also where I sealed my qualification for Hawaii.

A lot has been happening since then, but not so much racing.

My last race was 70.3 Busselton in May a few reasons for this, but mostly because but mid May I got car doored while I was on my bike to physio appointment. It didn’t look so bad at first and I thought maybe at worse it was a small brake, but after a few days I found out, that I had broken my little finger in the joint. Basically the middle knuckle was shattered and meant I couldn’t straighten my finger at all. I had to get surgery to get it wired back together. It went well & I only missed 6 weeks in the water and a few weeks of bike & running.

But after the finger was fixed some other little niggles came to the surface that had been bothering me since Ironman Melbourne in March. Luckily our good planning meant not racing didn’t effect my qualification to Kona and I could spend the time to get rested and recover from everything stress free. It makes such a huge difference.

Another big change is my coaching set up. After Ironman Melbourne I needed to make some changes. It’s always a big decision to change coaches and put your trust into someone new, but it ha to happen. I need to be with a team who is behind me 100%, and as I’m getting older I am no longer ok with copy paste programs. At 35 years old, my window is now and I need to be with a coach who will work with my strengths and tailor my program around me, no-one else.

My biking has dropped a lot in the last couple of years, not completely sure as to why, but with Kona in mind, I needed to do something about it. And be with a top level coach who could work with me and help take things to a new level.

Small 2Mat Steinmetz is a serious bike guru, he is the bike fit to to guy for most of the big players in Ironman. He has mentored the best athletes in the world and is a great coach.

I wanted to work with him right away and luckily he had room on his roster and wanted to work with me. I had read some interviews with Mat and thought his approach would suit me.

We have been working together since July and already I feel a complete difference, not just in the bike position changes, but mentally he has given me back confidence I lost earlier in the year.

The original plan at the start of the year was always to be in Boulder over the summer, and it was an added bonus that Mat is based there so I could work one on one with him. Because of the injury to my finger we only ended up being in Boulder for just over four weeks, but in that time I was able to get in some solid training and work closely with Mat.

So where do I stand with my fitness for the race, well I haven’t done anywhere near the volume of running I would normally do, but I don’t feel as though I am far from where I normally feel, so I guess we have focussed on quality not quantity to get my fitness back. I do still feel like I can come out with a fast run, especially since I haven’t raced since May, I would probably be one of the freshest athletes in the pro field!

My bike position has been changed significantly which I’m looking forward to seeing how I go. It’s a working progress so I don’t expect to be at that front of the bike pack, but I don’t have to be. I know where I need to be to have a good crack.

Only time will show if I get it right on race day :-)

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