Since the ITU World Champs, I returned to Denmark and back to parents home in Jutland. I wanted to get away from Copenhagen for a few days to relax. Being on my own helps me to prepare for big races.

My last hard session before Challenge Copenhagen was on Wednesday where I competed in the Tistrup Mini-Tri. It consisted of 250m run through water, 20km bike and 3km run.

Tistrup is a small city 10km from where I grew up, so I really enjoy being able to support events like this. This year there was 720 competitors and 150 children completed a duathlon, which is a record number in only it’s fourth year.

I was with the first group of runners in the water and took the lead on bike after 2km. Even though it is draft legal, I managed to drop the closest two competitors on my back wheel. I came off the bike comfortably leading which meant I did not have to go so hard on the run. Crossed the finish line after 43.22min which was not enough to beat the course record I set in 2008 but very happy with the win.