Some may have noticed that I have put up a few photos lately of my left little finger with what I first thought was just a small injury! I just want to give you a update on why I’m running around with big bandage on my finger.

Broken finger

Broken finger

On Tuesday the 21th of May I got car doored on Sydney Rd in Melbourne. I was riding to an appointment to my Physio on a street bike thankfully not riding my Ceepo carbon frame or at full pace. The driver in a parked car didn’t look before opening their car door and took me out.

My little left finger got in between the car door & the breaks. I brushed myself off and continue to the Physio. We both thought that I just had sprained my finger. But on Friday I was there again & because I still was in a lot of pain he sent to get an x-ray just to make sure that there was nothing broken.

The next day I got the x-ray taken & it did not come with good news. It showed that I had broken the bone into the second joint or the big knuckle. For a normal person it is probably not so bad, but for me it means if the joints get stiff, I would not be able to use this finger to hold around aerobars. At that point I was unable to straighten the finger and risked it being set straight.

So the rest of the day was spent talking to police & find out how to get it fixed. As it is an offense to car door and being on a road, the costs would hopefully be covered by TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) or the driver.

Over the weekend I also talked to Dr. Mitchell Anderson (also a triathlete), that helped me get into see a surgeon within a couple of days. I am very thankful to Mitch for stepping in and helping so quickly even though he was in the midst of exams. I got an appointment with Mr Ash Chehata, a surgeon, Tuesday afternoon. After looking at the x-rays, the conversation quickly changed to “let’s see how much movement we can get back in the joint”. That clearly made me quite anxious as I had hoped it would be easily fixed, problem solved.

I went under the knife that Thursday afternoon, also my birthday; Not the best way to spend a birthday! During the surgery Ash wrapped all the loose pieces of bone together and stretched out my finger and wired the knuckle back together.


So now I “just” have wait until the 13th June when the bandage will come off & we can see how much I will be able to bend it. I do not hope that I’m going to have a finger like one of these two!

Billy Bowden

Billy Bowden

Doctor Evil

The plan was to do 70.3 Cairns this weekend, but instead it is now off season here in the middle of year. I loved racing in Cairns last year and had been looking forward to returning but happy this has happened now and not a few months. There is still a long time to Kona & hopefully it will not affect my build but only time will tell.

Be safe & have fun if you are training or racing!